Video emerges of former NFL quarterback Mark Rypien's wife after alleged domestic violence incident

Ben Weinrib
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Mark Rypien was arrested in late June on suspicion of domestic violence. (Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien faces fourth-degree assault charges after hitting his wife, and newly emerged video paints an ugly picture.

On Saturday, TMZ released video of Rypien's wife, Danielle, crawling on the ground after the alleged incident, clearly in pain. While the footage does not include any contact, it still covers potentially triggering material.

The video largely matches up with a report that Rypien's wife was “lying in the grass” after being hit, but seeing her pained escape makes the incident all the more real.

Rypien admitted to Washington state authorities that he hit his wife on June 30, although he claims it was in self-defense. He says that she covered his eyes while he drove, and he pushed her hands away, which got the “wind knocked out of her.” Rypien pleaded not guilty to the charges and was released without bail.

Rypien has admitted in the past to being violent with his wife, something he attributes to his battle with depression. In an interview with the Spokesman-Review last March, he said, “I got angry, and I threw her on the bed a couple of times.”

Former football players who have dealt with brain damage have been at larger risk of violent outbursts, among other complications. Although CTE cannot currently be diagnosed until a person is dead, Rypien said that other tests have revealed problems with his cognitive functions.

Rypien played 11 years in the NFL and notably was named Super Bowl MVP after leading the Redskins to a title in 1992. He also played for the Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

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