Video: Priscilla Chan horrified by bloody UFC action while husband Mark Zuckerberg has the time of his life

Much was made about Mark Zuckerberg’s “UFC debut” – but it may have been an inversely powerful experience for his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan who accompanied him Saturday at UFC Fight Night 211.

Let me preface everything I’m about to say with this. I genuinely think if you’re someone who frequents MMA events, you’ve been here to a certain degree.

You know, you REALLY want to watch the fights and there’s someone there with you who has little interest or experience in doing so. Perhaps the person agrees to watch, politely, unaware of what they’re about to witness.

And you KNOW that when they do watch, there’s one of two possibilities. The first, from experience, I find happens more often than not. I’ll hype up a fight and why I love MMA and then the fight will immediately begin its plunge toward making my “Worst All-Time MMA Bouts” list. The second possibility, is that it’s way more intense than the average MMA fight. Blood instantly starts pouring out of someone’s forehead – or someone gets kneed in the nuts and starts dry heaving.

Anyway, I feel like that second option was kind of what was going on with Zuckerberg and his Mrs. at the UFC Apex. In the bout between Trevin Jones and Raoni Barcelos, things got a little wild – and bloody.

Who got to witness it from the best seat (and one of the only seats that night) in the house? You got it.

In a laugh-out-loud moment, Chan couldn’t take any more and covered her face. She gave it another try, but instantly regretted it with an even more intense face cover. But I mean, she’s probably the normal one. A medical doctor, she probably feels wrong for watching – like the rest of us would, if we were normal.

With all that said, I genuinely wonder what the car ride conversation home will be. Perhaps, “Honey, you told me we were going to see Cirque du Soleil,” followed by a long period of silence and then Zuckerberg going, “… but Dana invited us to be the only two people at UFC Vegas 62, too.”

It’s quite possible we see Mr. Zuckerberg back at a UFC event soon – only solo. Or who knows? Maybe Chan will totally be cool with it. I just think it was too much too soon. At least she wasn’t at Bellator where somebody broke their leg tonight.

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