Video shows deer warning yearling, Oregon family of approaching black bear

Sometimes, it pays to have friends.

For two people in the in the forests of the surrounding areas of Portland, a friendly deer warned of ursine trouble approaching the couple's home.

Video shows the deer, called Ziggy by an unseen narrator, cautiously pacing through the yard and stomping to alert its yearling and the family that a bear is approaching. The black bear emerges from a clearing in the forest, lumbering into the scene, sending the deer scampering.

The bear is eventually chased off by an unseen person.

The video was posted on Tik-Tok by the account NoBoHoBo one week ago and has garnered over 16 million views and two million likes.

USA TODAY reached out the owners of the account for further comment on the scene but did not receive a response.

What to do if you encounter a black bear

Bear attacks are rare, according to the National Parks Service, as bears that approach people are primarily interested in protecting their food, cubs, or space.

The NPS advises that if one encounters a black bear that they should remain calm and speak in a low, controlled manner so as to not provoke the bear.

If a black bear attacks the Service says to not play dead and fight back. If possible, attempt to find safety in a secure location.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Viral video shows deer warning Oregon family of approaching black bear