Video shows 'Most Complete Gigantic Dinosaur' being constructed for display in London

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Time-lapse video from the National History Museum in London shows crews putting together the "most complete gigantic dinosaur display," as part of an exhibit at the museum.

Curators said the dinosaur is a Patagotitan mayorum, "one of the largest known creatures to have ever walked our planet."

Titanosaurs were the biggest animals on the Earth, the museum wrote in a release promoting the exhibit, and Patagotitan mayorum is thought to be one of the largest titanosaurs.

According to the museum, Patagotitan mayorum:

  • Needed to eat more than 284 pounds of plants each day.

  • Weighed more than 60 tons.

  • Had a length of about 120 feet.

The time-lapse video shows teams reconstructing the dinosaur in just over a minute.

"For the first time ever Patagotitan mayorum will be going on display in Europe. At four times heavier than Dippy the Diplodocus and 12 metres longer than Hope our blue whale, this gigantic creature is a truly spectacular sight," the museum wrote on its site.

The exhibit opened on Friday and will be on exhibit until early January 2024, according to the museum.

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