Alert Level at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Lowered Due to Reduced Activity

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the alert level for Kilauea volcano in Hawaii was lowered on August 18 as hazards from the lava flows and earthquakes caused by the crater collapses at the summit diminished.

However, the USGS said the change did not mean the eruption or summit collapses were over and it remained possible that activity could resume.

The USGS also shared drone footage of the fissure 8 cone on August 17, which showed the lava pond crusted over.

When sharing this footage, the USGS wrote, “The reddish-brown rock inside the cone is the result of oxidation; the interaction of heated rock and gases causes black basaltic cinders to change color, similar to rust forming on metal.” Credit: USGS via Storyful