Amazon Fires Protest Rally Held in Front of Brazilian Consulate in Munich

Climate-change protesters held a die-in and rally in front of the Brazilian consulate in Munich, Germany, on August 23, to urge the government of Brazil to take action to fight the fires in the Amazon rainforest.

A record-breaking number of fires has been reported in the Brazilian Amazon this year, according to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), with potentially devastating consequences for the climate.

Ecologists quoted by National Geographic have linked the wildfires to an increase in deforestation. Earlier in August, INPE said that more forest had been lost in the summer of 2019 than in the previous three years combined. It is estimated that the Amazon rainforest produces 20 percent of the planet’s oxygen.

Demonstrations took place outside numerous Brazilian embassies and consulates on August 23, including in Copenhagen, London, and New York, in protest of the Brazilian government’s failure to take action to put out the fires.

In this footage, Munich protesters can be heard chanting “We are unstoppable, another world is possible.” Credit: Bernhard Labermeier via Storyful