Baby Rhino Takes First Steps at Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo welcomed its newest member in the form of baby rhino Carrie, who was born at around 4:40 am on Tuesday, December 4, the zoo said in a statement.

In this video, shared by the zoo on December 18, baby Carrie, a southern white rhino, can be seen taking her first steps under the watchful eye of her mother, Inyeti.

“At birth, these beautiful rhino calves often weigh in at over 60kg and can grow to be more than 3.5 tons and 1.8 metres tall,” the zoo said in a statement.

“The white rhino’s gestation period is up to 16 months, but these lucky ladies often carry their babies well and don’t have large pregnant bellies like other mammals.”

Zookeeper Jahnie Lumsden said the long-awaited birth was exciting for the team. “We’ve been waiting many months for this baby’s birth and we’re all delighted to learn that she is very happy and healthy and mum is also doing well." Credit: Australia Zoo via Storyful