California Aquarium Successfully Breeds 'Near-Threatened' Weedy Seadragons

The Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla, California, welcomed two baby weedy seadragons on February 12, the result of many years of breeding efforts by the aquarium.

According to National Geographic, the weedy seadragon, a relative of the seahorse, is listed as “Near Threatened.”

“Only a handful of aquariums around the world have successfully bred these unusual fish,” the Birch Aquarium told Storyful. “We are so proud of our Husbandry Team and their 25+ year effort. The baby seadragons are less than an inch long and have already had their first meals of tiny shrimp.”

The babies are “sensitive” and not yet on display for viewing by the general public, but are in good health, the Birch Aquarium said. Credit: Birch Aquarium via Storyful