China's COVID protests continue, dragging on major indices

Yahoo Finance Live's Jared Blikre and Dave Briggs examine China's most recent protests tied to COVID lockdown policies and how it may affect brands like Apple.

Video Transcript

JARED BLIKRE: All right, Dave, a number of movers, catalysts today, but it started out with China. We had some Fed speakers, but your big takeaways with respect to that grand country over there that we need so much.

DAVE BRIGGS: Well, the protests spreading to now, I think, seven or eight cities across the country, really pushing back against the strict COVID lockdowns, COVID-zero policy. My strange question is, I think these will largely die out. I don't think they have enough momentum. I don't think they have enough people involved in them.

But I can't help but wonder if companies like Apple will start to rethink production, rethink the supply chain. We got a glimpse at the conditions of the iPhone factory there in China, and it ain't good, Jared.


DAVE BRIGGS: Now we like our iPhones cheap, and we like them quick, but I can't help but wonder at some point, if the consumer will choose they want to be on the side of human rights. Probably not. We probably want them cheap and fast. But will Tim Cook think otherwise?

JARED BLIKRE: Yeah, I think it's all a question of what gets covered and exactly how-- what the fallout from there is. But we don't know enough. And really, the media reports have been scant so far.