Danish MP Told Her Baby Not Welcome in Parliament

Due to an exceptional childcare situation, Mette Abildgaard, a Danish MP, had to bring her infant into the parliamentary chamber on March 19, only to be told by the house speaker, Pia Kjaersgaard, that her baby was “not welcome”.

Writing about the incident on Facebook, Abildgaard said that her partner, Jens Jacob Juulsager, had been unavailable to look after little Esther Marie. She said that since the baby was in a quiet mood, she decided to bring her into the chamber for a vote, after asking her secretary to come and take the baby if she became upset.

In video from the session, Abildgaard can be seen standing holding the baby at the door of the chamber. Kjaersgaard, seated, points towards her and sends her assistant towards her.

According to Danish media, speaking after the incident, Kjaersgaard said that babies in the chamber were something you “just don’t have”.

Responding on Facebook, Abildgaard said that, in “exceptional situations” and as long as the child was not a disturbance, allowances should be made. Credit: Danish Parliament via Storyful