Rescue Dog in Wheelchair Tears Through Minneapolis Snow

Vegan lifestyle blogger Tedi Sarah captured video on February 17 of her special-needs dog Pani burning rubber in her canine wheelchair during a visit to snowy Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The video shows Pani, who uses a custom canine wheelchair to support her back legs, running excitedly toward Sarah on the snow-covered ground.

Sarah, who lives in New York, told Storyful that Pani was found abandoned on the streets of Tehran, Iran, paralyzed with a broken back. Despite her severe injuries, she survived on the streets for over a month until she was rescued by an animal sanctuary just outside the city.

The Iranian sanctuary that rescued her had connections to an animal shelter in New York City, where Sarah has long fostered needy animals. The special-needs dog was later sent to this shelter to receive canine rehabilitation for her injuries and to be adopted.

“I became her foster mom. Pani was my 22nd foster dog. I nursed her back to health, took her to all her rehab appointments, and we got her a custom canine wheelchair too,” said Sarah. “After six months, we made it official and I adopted her myself. Now she is happy, healthy, and thriving here in New York City,” Sarah said.

The National Weather Service reported snow in the Twin Cities on February 17. Credit: @tedisarah via Storyful