Dog With Heatstroke Rescued on Trail Near San Diego

The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) on Saturday, August 17, rescued a dog that had collapsed due to heatstroke on a hiking trail in Descanso, California, and urged dog owners to be extra cautious when exercising with their pets on hot days.

“With another heat wave this week, it is crucial to remember that animals are sensitive to the conditions,” the SDHS said in a statement on August 20. “Dogs are lower to the ground, absorbing heat from above and below. Their paws are also sensitive, as the ground is often much hotter than the air.”

The SDHS said their Emergency Response Team was called upon on Saturday by the Department of Animal Services to help the dog, named Joey, who had collapsed and started panting heavily – a sign of heatstroke – about half a mile down the Three Sisters Falls hiking trail in Descanso. The high temperature in the area that day was 89 F, according to AccuWeather.

Joey was taken to Animal Urgent Care in Escondido “where he was treated for heat exhaustion and separating pads,” the SDHS said. “Luckily, Joey responded well to the treatment and was able to return home,” they added.

The society urged pet owners to provide their animals with “plenty of access to shade and fresh water” and said animals should never be exercised heavily when temperatures rise above 70 F. Credit: San Diego Humane Society via Storyful