As fires rage, Oregon gov. calls for more help

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is seeking more federal assistance as her state Tuesday continued to battle grueling wildfires that have left incinerated wreckage in their wake.

Governor Brown on Monday sent a letter to the White House requesting additional communications resources, damage-assessment teams, search-and-rescue and debris management, as well as help with shelter and medical assistance.

Shelters like this one run by the Red Cross in Salem, Oregon are housing displaced survivors.

Evacuees - trying to stay six feet apart - now wait to see learn if their homes have been destroyed.

Francisco Maldonado already knows - there is nothing left.

"The place is burned to the ground. The house, the shop, the other shop, the chicken coop and the goat enclosure."

Tom and Stormy Dirlam also had their town destroyed by wildfires.

"The reality of this has slowly but surely sunk in day after day. It gets a little harder. A little worse. A little bit more, 'oh my God, is this ever going to end?'"

In California, the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said 16,600 firefighters were battling 25 fires on Tuesday after being able to largely put out two blazes on Monday.

Helicopters made water drops around the Greater Los Angeles area in an effort to control the Bobcat Fire.

At least 25 people have perished in California wildfires since mid-August, ten have died in Oregon and one death has been confirmed in Washington state.

Trinity Sanders and Isaac Pond evacuated Mill City, Oregon and they don't know when they will be going back.

"I think we're just going to..." "Get ready to hang for awhile..." "Yeah, camp out here..." "Probably won't go home for awhile... " "Right now, we've just got each other."