Food Air-Dropped to Endangered Rock-Wallabies Affected by Bushfires in Australia

Sweet potatoes and carrots were dropped from the air to populations of endangered rock-wallabies in New South Wales that had been affected by recent bushfires.

Over 2000 kilograms of food was dropped to several colonies during what the state’s environment minister said was the largest food drop ever done for the brush-tailed rock-wallaby.

More than a billion animals across Australia have been killed by bushfires in the 2019-2020 fire season, according to an estimate by Professor Chris Dickman from the University of Sydney.

Bushfire conditions in New South Wales had eased with cooler conditions and patches of rain since January 5, however there remained over 100 fires burning across the state with 38 not yet contained late on January 13. Credit: NSW Government via Storyful