Former Dancing Bear Rescued From Zoo in Nepal

A 19-year-old bear that was once used as a performance animal in Nepal was rescued from its life in a poorly-equipped zoo thanks to the efforts of animal charities determined to save him.

Indian charity Wildlife SOS took charge in the mission to rescue Rangila from a zoo in Kathmandu, Nepal, and transported him to its Agra Bear Rescue Facility in India, which is partly funded by International Animal Rescue. A previous effort to save Rangila and another bear called Sridevi had failed, and Sridevi died before a second attempt could be made.

“The mistreatment and neglect both animals had suffered as dancing bears had taken a heavy toll on their physical and mental health,” said International Animal Rescue CEO Alan Knight in a press release shared to media. “When they were first rescued off the streets of Nepal, they were due to come straight to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility which is part-funded by IAR and managed by our partners Wildlife SOS. However, instead, somehow the bears ended up languishing in a zoo which is known for its poor standards of animal welfare.”

Geeta Seshamani, the co-founder and secretary of Wildlife SOS, also commented on the rescue and the plans for Rangila’s future: "He will have a large forested enclosure with a pool, lots of trees to climb and other bears to play with. The most important thing is that he will be able to display natural behavior like a sloth bear should.” Credit: Wildlife SOS/International Animal Rescue via Storyful