Golden Retriever Jumps for Joy at His First Snow in Australia

Amicus the golden retriever took full advantage of encountering snow for the first time in Mount Macedon, Victoria, on August 11.

Owner Monique Nguyen captured this video of the Australian pooch joyfully leaping toward a snowball that was thrown in his direction.

Nguyen posted the video to Instagram, saying in her caption that Amicus “loved the snow mainly so he could play with kids, get pats from randoms, and eat snowballs.”

Nguyen told Storyful that “it rarely snows at Mount Macedon, as it has to be really cold, but it was the perfect condition on this day.”

The video was recorded as a cold front moved through the state, described by the Victoria State Emergency Service as the coldest front to hit the state this winter. Credit: Monique Nguyen via Storyful