Greek locals fear potential earthquake as tide remains low for almost four weeks

Locals in Halkidiki, Greece, are fearing a potential earthquake after the tide in the region has remained low for almost four weeks. The sea has receded tens of metres at Fteroti beach meaning fisherman cannot moor their boats. Residents in the area have theorised that long-lasting low tides are linked to earthquakes and they are fearing a natural disaster. Mr. Giannis, who lives in the nearby village of Sozopoli, said: "I have lived here since 1985 but I have never seen this phenomenon on such a scale. "Look at the sea, it has been pulled in too much. This low tide has pulled in the sea at least 50 meters in some places. "It is a very unusual thing, I do not consider it normal, it is something that has never existed in the area, not like this." This footage was filmed on March 31.