Hays Residents Feel Tremors From North Carolina Quake

A rare 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Sparta, North Carolina, just after 8 am on August 9, the USGS said. It was the strongest quake to hit the region since 1916, according to USGS data.

The USGS said the earthquake occurred 3 km (approximately 1.8 miles) southeast of Sparta and was preceded by at least four small foreshocks ranging from magnitude 2.1 to 2.6, beginning around 25 hours prior to the quake.

Large earthquakes are relatively uncommon in the region directly surrounding the earthquake, the USGS said.

This footage was posted to Facebook by Hays resident Laura B. Carter, who wrote: “When I put the hummingbird cam up I never thought I’d capture an earthquake!” Credit: Laura B. Carter via Storyful