'He's Got My Lindt': Tasmanian Devil Can’t Resist Camper’s Chocolate

As a wildlife photographer, Daniel Hunter is used to chasing down animals. But while camping recently, he had a pursuit with a difference, when he had to hot foot it after a Tasmanian devil that had just stolen his chocolate bar.

Hunter was camping with his partner in Maria Island National Park, off Tasmania, which is home to a crucial population of the critters, free from the deadly devil facial tumour disease.

One of their number was apparently a sweet-tooth, and grabbed Hunter’s chocolate before racing off, with Hunter in pursuit.

“Devil’s got my pack of Lindt,” Hunter says as he chases the animal.

The devil eventually drops the bar, and disappears into the undergrowth.

“Seventy-eight percent, you mongrel,” Hunter says as he picks up the cocoa-dense dark chocolate bar. Just the thing when camping, and just as well he recovered it, given chocolate’s potentially poisonous effect on wild animals.

“It’s not that unusual to see a juvenile devil out and about in the day experimenting with different behaviors as part of the developmental process,” Hunter, who’s also a biologist, wrote on Twitter. Credit: Daniel Hunter via Storyful