Hummingbirds in flight: HD footage

'Macropod' provides us with this stunning HD footage featuring wild hummingbirds in flight. "I believe you will find this very impressive. All footage was shot handheld (without tripod) with the Macropod's Canon 6D at 720P and 60 frames per second. The lens used was the 24-105mm. Aspect ratio varies between clips. All light was natural, exposure was set to 1/4000, aperture was at 5.6 and ISO was at 12800. If you don't know why, it's because most of these shots were taken at dawn when light was not nearly as plentiful as I wanted it. I really hope you enjoy this video footage as I do feel it is my best!" All of the images in our database were captured with the Macropod by Macroscopic Solutions.