Hundreds of homes affected by floods in Karawang region of Indonesia

Hundreds of homes were flooded on Friday (February 21) after heavy rain caused a river to burst its banks in Indonesia.

Aerial footage from the Telukjambe Barat district in Karawang regency shows the devastating effects of the rising water form the Cibeet river.

Officials said 485 homes in two villages had been submerged with more than 1,750 people evacuated.

Karawang regency government worker Yasin said: ''The number of houses affected by the overflow of the Cibeet river is 485 in two villages, namely Karangligar and Mekarmulya.''

Yamin said the water level rised from 30 centimeters to 1.5 meters in the district of Telukjambe Barat in the West Java area.

"Residents have fled to homes that have not been affected by flooding," he said.

Village chief Amo, 54, said that since the flood had hit, government assistance had not been received by the people even though residents were in desperate need.

He said: "Since yesterday there has been no assistance, while business has been paralysed because the access roads are flooded. We are asking for help to be sent immediately.''