Inside Jordan’s playground for abandoned cats

STORY: This is a playground for Amman’s abandoned cats

The city’s animal-lovers are invited to come and play too

Location: Amman, Jordan

(Nihad Ashouri, Owner, Cat Jungle)

“I am Nihad Ashouri, the owner of 'Cat Jungle.' This is a family business, where people can enjoy a good time with cats. This hall contains more than 38 cats, where people can usually feed, take photographs and learn about the different types of cats.”

Many of the city’s animals were discarded once lockdown lifted

and their owners returned to the office

(Shams al Jundi, Customer)

“I came here to play with the cats because my mother is scared of them and prohibits us from owning one at home, and whenever we get a cat she gets rid of it. I came here to fulfill my love for cats.”

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