'I've Never Seen Anything Like It!': Dust Storm Makes for Afternoon Gloom at New South Wales Camp Site

Darkness descended in the middle of the afternoon at the Billy’o Bush Retreat in Wongarbon, New South Wales, on January 16, as a huge dust storm moved in.

The owner of the Billy’o Bush Retreat, ‎Mark Woodley, told Storyful, “We have had several dust storms this summer, but none like this.”

Two Belgian women who were staying at the facility thought there was a fire because the dust was so thick. But Woodley told them that it was dust and advised them to run and take cover. 

He continued: “The whole retreat was engulfed within a matter of minutes.”

The wind eventually picked up and the storm blew over, Woodley said. The two women were hiding out with dust masks and “even the animals were sneezing,” he added. Credit: ‎Mark Woodley via Storyful