Jackson Homes Flooded as Pearl River Overflows

Hundreds of homes in Jackson, Mississippi, were left flood-damaged as the Pearl River reached its third-highest level on record on February 17.

By the following day, CBS reported, water levels were such that “the only way” to get around certain neighborhoods was “by boat.”

Jackson native Chloe Sumrall posted footage of damage to the properties of both her sister and her grandparents to Twitter on February 18. The footage shows water several feet deep within one of the homes, as furniture is stacked high in an attempt to avoid damage.

“The water coming into the house and all around smells awful. The cabinets will have to be replaced and anything in that video will have to be replaced,” she told Storyful.

Speaking on February 18 Sumrall added that she and her family were “thankful that the flooding is receding quickly as there are several cities in Mississippi that have been flooded for months now and receiving little aid to reverse the problem.”

“Many people have lost items and animals in this flood,” Sumrall said, “people are kayaking between neighborhoods and taking boats out to retrieve items carried away by the water.” Credit: Chloe Sumrall via Storyful