Kyiv Zoo gets a helping hand from Germany

STORY: Kyiv Zoo is trying to keep animals like

‘Tony’ the gorilla warm during hours-long power cuts

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Russia has been bombarding Ukraine’s

power grid and heating infrastructure

Keepers have been using a wood fire oven

and battery-powered lights to cope

Tony and other primates need

temperatures of at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit

Location: Berlin, Germany

Help is now on the way from Berlin's zoo

It raised more than $430,000 for generators

and other items to help with heating and electricity

(Kyrylo Trantin, Kyiv Zoo Director)

"We're immensely thankful because it's almost February now. We know that it will be a tough month for us, and we need to do everything so that our animals don't understand that beyond their enclosures a war is going on. We're deprived of electricity for four to twelve hours a day. These generators will make our animals' lives much better."