'Maaaa': Baby Goats Call to Mothers for Morning Milk on Maine Farm

Dozens of hungry baby goats on a farm in Maine goats out for their mothers on the morning of June 8 after spending a night alone in their own stalls on Maine farm, but found them “lightning quick” and began nursing, owner Hope Hall said.

Hall, who said the farm’s kidding season had ended with the birth of 61 goats, shot video of the noisy morning rush at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland.

At two-to-three weeks of age, Hall said, the kids sleep in their own stalls to “learn to eat grain and drink water,” and to give their mothers a break, before they are reunited in the morning.

“Some farms separate the mamas and babies at birth,” Hall wrote on YouTube. “I can not imagine doing that. Mostly because it seems cruel to the goat, but also selfishly, I love watching the relationships between generations play out, again and again, each morning. It is one of my favorite things about sharing our life with goats,” she said. Credit: Hope Hall via Storyful