Man taking selfie dangerously close to feeding bears could be charged

A man waded into the water at Brooks Falls, located in Katmai National Park in Alaska, on August 9 to take a selfie, coming dangerously close to feeding bears and inadvertently walking into a camera livestream., a media organization, runs the livestream of the bears at Brooks Falls, and viewers who saw the man wade into the river reported the incident to Katmai rangers, the National Park Service said.

He and two others, whose identities have not been released, could be charged for reckless endangerment and harassing wildlife, local news reports said.

“In Katmai, approaching within 50 yards of a bear using a concentrated food source, like migrating or spawning salmon, is prohibited,” the National Park Service said in its statement, warning that people need to realize that the bears at Brooks Falls are wild. Credit: via Storyful