'Medusa' sculpture becomes #MeToo art


A seven-foot bronze sculpture, "Medusa With The Head of Perseus," was unveiled on Tuesday (October 13), across the street from Manhattan Supreme Court, where Harvey Weinstein was convicted.

Interest from the #MeToo movement came later.

In Ovid's story, Medusa, a maiden in the temple of Athena, was stalked and raped by Poseidon.

Athena, in a rage, banished and cursed her with a monstrous head of snakes and a gaze which turns men to stone.

Medusa, a victim, was blamed and punished for Poseidon's crime.

She was eventually killed by Perseus, who displayed her head as a trophy on his shield.

"What I hope is that looking at a story, flipping the script causes a person to question the narratives that we take for granted that shape our world view," said Bek Andersen, who is the founder of the, "Medusa With The

Head" Project and worked with Garbati to bring the work to New York City. "I hope that it destabilizes a center that has been left unquestioned for far too long."

The temporary installation will remain in place until 2021.