Meet the young deer who adopted an Italian family

On one of Alison Bruce's strolls through the Italian countryside, an unlikely follower is tagging along.

Meet Bob, a deer who thinks he's a dog.


"He was at the front door again this morning and we went for a walk again. He spent the day with us yesterday. He would just sit down with us. We've been walking outside because the weather is… we can do that, and he just joins us in pretty much everything."

Italy has been under strict social distancing for weeks, but the measures don't apply to woodland creatures like Bob, as Bruce says she's seen more and more animals out and about during this time.

The young fawn loves going on walks, hanging out in the garden, and even playing a game of fetch with the family dog, Charlie.


"As I said, I think he's a bit confused, because they're both male and I think we're going into that kind of season, the mating season for them - not Charlie, I mean Bob."

Bruce says Charlie is used to chasing wildlife, not the other way around.

For now, however, both of them are simply enjoying the extra company.