Mobs of Kangaroos Invade Charles Sturt University During Worsening Drought

Large mobs of kangaroos have moved closer to civilisation to find food and water as dry conditions in New South Wales worsen, with 100 percent of the state declared by the government to be in drought in August.

In this video, taken on August 9 by a student at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, a large group of kangaroos are seen jumping across grassland near the campus. The uploader told Storyful she had been a student for years but had never seen anything like this so close to the central business district. “There are literally hundreds of roos, this is just a few,” she wrote in the caption.

New South Wales primary industries minister Niall Blair said the kangaroo population is in “plague proportions across NSW,” ABC reported. The state government relaxed laws around kangaroo culling in June, and again in August, allowing farmers to apply online or over the phone for licenses to shoot the native animals. The roos are said to be competing against domestic livestock for resources.

Wildlife experts have argued that overpopulation is not the issue; they argue the numbers are increasing in certain areas as kangaroos migrate closer to food and water, ABC reported. Credit: bittyboodesigns via Storyful