Mother Badger Chases Fox Away From Den in Northern Ireland

A badger in Omagh, Northern Ireland, was caught on camera as she chased a fox away from her babies in a video posted to Facebook on September 2.

Adam Breen was out looking for deer when he almost stepped on a badger sett that was home to five cubs. Breen then saw two other cubs digging in part of a dry river bank nearby, and that is when he also spotted a fox sneaking toward them.

“I wasn’t sure what would happen next so I got my phone out to video it,” Breen told Storyful. He suspects that the fox may have wanted to get a piece of whatever the badgers were digging for, because moments later, the fox began to run toward the cubs.

As the fox began to charge, it alerted the mother badger, who proceeded to chase the fox away from her babies and their sett, right towards Breen who was recording the incident with his cellphone.

“A very rare event indeed and the opportunity to film it … even rarer,” he told Storyful. Credit: Adam Breen via Storyful