National Guard Sets Up Floating Bridge as Hurricane Florence Floods Move Downstream

South Carolina National Guard soldiers set up a floating ribbon bridge in Georgetown, South Carolina, on Sunday, September 23, in anticipation of more flooding from the Waccamaw River.

The first video shows deployment of one of the bridge segments; the second shows soldiers guiding the bridge across Winyah Bay to its intended location near the US-17 (Ocean Highway) bridge over the Waccamaw. The third video shows soldiers after completing the work.

Georgetown sits at the confluence of four rivers. The Waccamaw – which is flooding Conway, about 40 miles north – joins the Great Pee Dee at Winyah Bay, the Black River flows into the Great Pee Dee just north of downtown Georgetown, and the Sampit joins Winyah Bay on the south side.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation said it was planning to build a barrier on US-17, also known as Ocean Highway, at the Waccamaw. Credit: SC National Guard via Storyful