No Charges for Browns' Kareem Hunt After Marijuana Found in Car

A small amount of marijuana and an opened bottle of vodka were found in the car of Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt during a traffic stop outside Cleveland on January 21, but no charges would be filed, police said.

Dashcam footage released by the Rocky River Police Department shows an officer pulling Hunt over for speeding.

According to Fox8 Cleveland, citing a police report, the officer smelled weed in the NFL star’s car and searched the vehicle.

A small amount of marijuana was found in a backpack in the car’s back seat. Hunt promised the officer that he had not been smoking in the car, the police report said. A bottle of vodka with its seal broken was also found in the backpack.

Lt George Lichman of Rocky River PD told Fox8 that they do not charge people for possession of small amounts of marijuana because the state lab can’t differentiate between legal hemp and illegal marijuana.

He also said that Hunt wasn’t charged for the vodka because it was in a previously opened but sealed container.

“The officer did not detect any indication that Mr Hunt had been drinking that day, or any indications of impairment,” he said.

Hunt was cited for speeding. Credit: Rocky River Police Department via Storyful