Pinto the Koala Released Into Wild After Remarkable Recovery

A koala struck by a car in September, 2017, was released back into wild after making a remarkable recovery, thanks to round-the-clock care from veterinarians at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

The zoo said Pinto the koala was found by the side of a road in Mundoolun, Queensland.

“Pinto has been one of our favourite long term patients at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital because his original injuries were very severe but he had a great fighting spirit,” director of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Dr Rosie Booth said.

“He had suffered multiple breaks to his arm, a ruptured eye, shock and internal bleeding. To repair Pinto’s arm, we performed surgery that involved inserting a series of surgical pins into the humerus and stabilised it on the outside with surgical clamps. He also had to undergo months of rehabilitation to build up his strength for climbing”.

A video released on June 15 chronicled the koala’s road to recovery and ended with his release back into the wild. Credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors via Storyful