Planes stranded in knee-deep water after Tropical Storm Bailu floods airport

Dozens of planes were stranded after Tropical Storm Bailu flooded an airport at the weekend.

Parts of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines were submerged in knee-deep water due to heavy rains brought by the Southwest Monsoon.

Pilot Neem Badr was riding an airport vehicle through the water when he filmed the planes on a flooded apron on Saturday afternoon (August 24) after the torrential rain.

Two Airbus A320s from low-cost regional carrier AirAsia can be seen as well as a turbo-prop ATR 72-500 belonging to Cebu Pacific and another jet.

Departing flights were delayed and arrivals were diverted to the nearest airport in Clark, Pampanga.

Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Eddie Monreal said the high volume of rainfall caused the flooding.

He said: "There was no problem with the pumping station. There was an overflow because it was not able to manage the volume of water."