Rhinoceros enjoys cake made of fruit and vegetables on World Rhino Day in Thai zoo

A rhinoceros enjoys a cake made from its favourite fruit and vegetables on World Rhino Day.

Thirty-four-year-old Kari was given the treat prepared by staff at Chiang Mai zoo in northern Thailand, on Sunday (September 22).

The annual global event celebrates the world’s five rhinoceros species and raises awareness of their challenges in the wild.

Kari, the only Indian rhinoceros in Thailand, tucked into grass, bananas, watermelons, carrots, and sweetcorn.

Kari arrived in Thailand as a baby in 1986 as a gift from the Indian government and has lived at the zoo ever since.

Acting assistant director Ularika Kongphrom said that the zoo also aimed to raised awareness of the decreasing number of rhino.

She said: "All the food we prepared were Kari's favourites including grass, banana, watermelon, carrot, and sweetcorn. People were enjoying seeing him eat a big meal.

"However, we also provided information about the dangers of rhino extinction for the zoo visitors to encourage them to help preserve this land mammal in the wild.''

Kari once had a companion called Nadia, a black rhinoceros from Singapore, but she died 16 years ago from a stomach infection.