Schoolchildren help to clean rubbish from polluted beach in southern Thailand

Schoolchildren help to collect rubbish from a popular beach in southern Thailand yesterday (September 22).

More than 200 people including youngsters and adults spent several hours sifting through the trash-strewn along Ko Sukorn island in Trang province.

They successfully removed more than 10,000 waste items including plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic lighters, foam packaging and other bits and pieces of rubbish including shoes and kitchen utensils.

Island sheriff Jakkaphong Ratchanikul said that rubbish being left on the beach would affect tourism.

He said: ''We are the only people who can solve this and we must start in our own homes. There is a campaign for every household to separate household waste and ensure it is recycled correctly.

''It would not be impossible to eliminate all the waste in one attempt but everyone must come together to cooperate.''

Speaking in the video, schoolgirl Chakriya Meunthongwaree, six, said: ''I came to help today and felt sad at the condition of the beach. I feel sorry for the sea animals that it affects.

''People who come to the beach should put the rubbish in the bins correctly.''