Silver Foxes Spar in Northern Colorado Backyard

A pair of silver foxes were filmed engaging in play-fighting in a backyard in Nederland, a town in Northern Colorado.

Karen Eifler recorded this video on her property as she watched the foxes frolic. She told Storyful that in its location “at about 7,000 feet in the foothills around Nederland,” her home is a “sanctuary for wild turkeys and foxes,” who appear in her backyard “daily.”

Eifler said it’s hard to tell the wild foxes apart from one another, but she believed she’d captured another video of the same duo several days earlier.

When Storyful asked if Eifler is ever afraid of the foxes, she said, “I’m not afraid of them. They are very curious. They watch me water and garden, and they watch my husband cut wood. They follow us around like dogs, but never too close.” Credit: Karen Eifler via Storyful