'Snow Dragon' in Maine Puts Snowmen to Shame

When you live in a place like Brunswick, Maine – where snowfall averages 66 inches per year – snowmen, snow angels, and snow forts can be downright yawn-inducing. Enter Alice Bean Andrenyak, mastermind of the amazing “snow dragon,” built January 16.

It took Andrenyak and two friends three hours to make the beast, which they started at 2.15 pm.

Andrenyak, an outdoor tour guide, told Storyful, “I rolled the big body balls and added the humps and spikes. A friend made the tail. A second friend made the head. We finished at about 5.15 pm, in the dark.”

In the evening, a friend of Andrenyak’s brought down a box of fireworks to create the fire-breathing effect. Credit: Alice’s Awesome Adventures via Storyful