New South Wales Police Threaten to Jail Fruit 'Pranksters'

New South Wales police warned “pranksters” and “copycats” taking advantage of the strawberry contamination scare would be subject to jail time and heavy fines.

NSW Police Acting Commander State Crime Command Stuart Smith fronted the media on Saturday 19, stating there were no risks of contamination resulting from New South Wales and all incidences were from Queensland-based fruit farms or packers. Needles have been found in strawberries, bananas and apples – but a few of these have been ruled out as fakes.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for information about the contamination scare, which has now reached all six states. Acting Commander Smith said anyone in New South Wales caught tampering with fruit would be liable for 10 years’ jail and $93,000 in fines.

NSW Police are working with Queensland Police to find the culprit and have “partner agency agreements” in place to deal with copycats, pranksters and those wishing to cause harm. Credit: NSW Police Force via Storyful