Suspect in Car Chase Learns Real Meaning of Horse Power as Animals Join Police Pursuit

One police suspect got more than he bargained for when a night-time pursuit on January 16 in Florida saw him chased by a helicopter, patrol cars, and several horses.

This footage, posted by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, shows the suspect flee police in a car, before abandoning it and trying to evade them by crossing a field.

He soon realizes that it isn’t just the police that are hot on his tail, as three horses decide to join in the chase, forcing the suspect to clamber over a fence to avoid them.

The helicopter’s thermal image camera is able to pick out the suspect in the dark, and officers are guided to his hiding spot in some undergrowth.

Bodycam footage from officers involved in the ground search shows the moment the man is caught.

After receiving some unexpected support from the horses in the field, police said that the man was “saddled” with several charges, including two counts of fleeing and attempting to elude. Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful