Taliban repel Afghan effort to reach U.S. military jet crash

Afghan forces and Taliban fighters clashed on Tuesday (January 28) in a central region controlled by the militant group, keeping Afghan troops from accessing the crash site of a U.S. military plane.

Pictures and a video on social media purportedly from the crash site showed what could be the remains of a Bombardier E-11A aircraft, which went down on Monday (January 27).

Afghan officials said on Tuesday, that its forces were ambushed by Taliban fighters as they tried to reach the wreckage.

The insurgent group claims to have brought down the plane, which it believes was on an intelligence mission, but U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said there were no indications so far that the plane had been brought down by enemy activity.

It's not clear if there were any casualties. One official added that fewer than five people were on the plane.

Speaking on Monday, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper, remained tight lipped.


"I am aware of the situation. I have nothing further to report at this time. As the matter develops and we develop it, we will update the media."

On Monday Reuters journalists filmed Afghan soldiers heading towards the snow-covered mountains where the plane crashed.

The Taliban control large parts of the area.

The crash comes as the Taliban and the U.S. have been in talks on ending the 18-year war.