Team Effort - Orphaned Miner Bird Chicks Adopted by Group of Wild Birds

In a heartwarming twist to a sad story, two orphaned miner bird chicks in the care of an east Melbourne wildlife shelter were adopted by a group of wild miner birds in September.

Warriors 4 Wildlife rescued the tiny chicks and had been hand feeding them with a special baby bird blend in a syringe.

Knowing that territorial birds like miners form family communities, rescuers placed the chicks outside and allowed a group of adult birds to investigate the babies over the course of a week. Warriors 4 Wildlife told Storyful that after the chicks had grown enough to start hopping around with the adults, rescuers knew the little ones were ready to join their new family in the wild. “We are very excited to have our babies grow up naturally, the way it’s supposed to be,” they said.

They said the family’s new recruits would spend the following weeks on the ground being taught to fly by their new family. Credit: Warriors 4 Wildlife via Storyful