Thai man rides knee-boarding on flooded road after heavy rain

Amusing footage shows a lad going knee-boarding on a flooded road after heavy rain in Thailand.

The youngster attached the black plastic tray to the back of a motorcycle which dragged him along the submerged street in Pathum Thani province on June 4.

Amused drivers recorded the pair as they weaved between cars and whizzed through the deluge, which was left after a tropical storm.

Onlooker, Pueng, says in the video ''how can you surf on such dirty water like this? Are you insane, man?"

Tropical stormshave been sweeping Thailand for the last few weeks as the country enters its scorching summer season with temperatures reaching 40C, followed by intense downpours and storms.

The country's poor infrastructure and drainage often leads to chronic flash floods during the rainy season.