'They're defenseless': Rescue workers save animals after hurricane

As residents in Colombia’s San Andres and Providencia islands clean up after the Category 5 Hurricane Iota -- the strongest storm of the season -- devastated the area, one Colombian rescue organization is making sure that the islands’ animals are not forgotten.

"Imagine the terror that these animals feel right now, for example during the hurricane. It's terrible."

That’s Juliana del Castillo, the director of Fundacion Animal Heart Islands.

"We can't sleep thinking about how the little animals are suffering all the bad weather of the hurricane without being able to protect themselves."

Last Friday she accompanied police on San Andres as they captured a dog in poor physical condition.

"What happens is the animals are stuck outside, they're defenseless, so we've always wanted to help animals and we do it with all our hearts, we do it simply as a vocation, as something that we like to do."

Hurricane Iota last week hit San Andres and Providencia. The storm killed an estimated 40 people across Central America and Colombia, including at least two in Providencia.