Thousands of turtles released on Bolivia-Brazil border

Location: Bolivia-Brazil border

Thousands of Amazon River turtles have been set free

Biologists are attempting to preserve the species

Since 2007, they have been collecting turtle nests

caring for the eggs and the young turtles before releasing them

Name: Camila Ferrara, WWF Brazilian Technical Supervisor

"Today in the Guapore or Itenez river, we have a binational project for the protection and conservation of species, especially the Amazon River turtle. We work with turtles that are biologically important for the environment due to the recycling of nutrients and the dissemination of seeds. We have chosen this area because it is the largest spawning area for Amazonian turtles. About 100,000 females spawn in this area each year. We expect more than 10 million babies to be born this year."

Climate change and human activity have damaged the turtle's habitat

There's also a high demand for their meat and eggs

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