Toe-to-Toe in the Snow: Roos Rumble as Snow Tumbles in New South Wales

The heavy snowfall in New South Wales in recent days led one lucky local to capture a very unusual sight on film – a pair of kangaroos going toe-to-toe in the driving snow.

Wendy Lindsey, who shot the video, told Storyful that while male kangaroos are known to fight during mating season, the length of this bout – and in particular the heavy downpour of snow – made it a particularly special sight.

Lindsey described it as a “magical moment caught of a unique Aussie experience.”

A cold blast of wintry air brought record-breaking low temperatures and snowy conditions to Australia in early August, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Snow was reported in parts of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. Credit: Wendy Lindsay via Storyful