Two fearless pet dogs go face-to-face with five-foot-long cobra in India

Sandip Pradhan, a resident of Delang in Puri District in Eastern India, heard his two pets barking furiously at a five-foot-long cobra on April 2.

When he called back his miniature Pinscher dogs, Prince and Browny, refused to return.

When he flashed his torch, Sandip was shocked to witness a tense standoff between the dogs and a cobra. The deadly snake had slithered into his garden looking for prey but was cornered by the pets.

The cobra had raised its hood and hissed to fend off the dogs, which were barking at it relentlessly. After a nine-minute-long tense standoff, the snake retreated, climbed the boundary wall and fled.

Sandip carefully examined his two brave dogs and did not find any snake bite marks on them.

Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline, said: "The cobra with the raised hood was much taller than the dogs, which barely weighed 4kg each. They took a risk as the neurotoxic venom of cobra could have rapidly acted upon their small bodies."

Subrat Prusty, Secretary of Odisha Kennel Club said: "The miniature Pinscher dogs are small, usually less than below one-foot in height. But they are very alert, smart and courageous and do not hesitate to take on bigger animals. Those two could have easily killed the snake. Size doesn't matter."