Vietnam braces for tropical storm Saudel

Vietnam is preparing for a tropical storm that could bring more damage to a country hit by the worst flooding it has seen in years.

'Storm Saudel' threatens further destruction in the south-east Asian country, where at least 105 were confirmed dead after weeks of adverse weather.

About a third of those killed are soldiers whose barracks were hit by a landslide over the weekend.

Vietnam expects the storm to hit its central region on Saturday (October 24), and authorities fear it could bring intense rains and even more flooding.

Some 178,000 homes and over 17,000 acres of crops have been affected.

In a clear sign of the damage done, state television showed pictures of people on the roofs of their homes in regions where floods have blocked roads and cut power.

The Philippines is also preparing for the arrival of 'Storm Saudel' on Tuesday (October 20) and fears heavy rains could cause mudslides.

The recent adverse weather has also caused flooding in nearby Thailand and Cambodia.

Tens of thousands were recently forced to flee their homes in Cambodia, where parts of the capital Phnom Penh were underwater.