‘The View': Ana Navarro Goes Off on Stephanie Grisham (And the Whole Panel) Over Trump (Video)

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‘The View': Ana Navarro Goes Off on Stephanie Grisham (And the Whole Panel) Over Trump (Video)

Ana Navarro unleashed on Stephanie Grisham and the rest of the panel on “The View” on Friday, criticizing the idea that anyone could justify an association with Donald Trump, at any point.

During the second segment of the show, Navarro asked guest host Stephanie Grisham, who worked in multiple roles in the Trump administration, why it took so long for her to resign. Host Sunny Hostin asked the same question earlier this week, prompting Grisham to double down on her answer.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but I believed in him and half the country believed in him,” Grisham said. “And I think that when you keep attacking me, you’re attacking a lot of people out there who might want an off-ramp. And it shows that.”

As Navarro continued to press Grisham, the former press secretary noted that “This is not fun for me. I can be at home right now with my dogs and my family, my chickens. It is not fun for me.”

As the discussion went on, Joy Behar intervened, asking Navarro if she really didn’t believe it was possible that Grisham — or anyone associated with the Trump administration — to “see the light.” At that, Navarro truly went off.

“Four years later?” Navarro shot back. “After ‘There were good people on both sides’? After the way he treated immigrants? After what he said about Mexicans? After hearing the sexual assault boasts on tape? After seeing him make fun of a disabled reporter? You need four years?”

In response, Grisham argued “You don’t know the things I stayed in there and stopped.”

Still, the women kept going at each other, at points making it hard to hear what was being said. Eventually, Hostin was able to calm things down a bit, and turned on Navarro.

“If we’re gonna talk real, let’s talk real,” Hostin said. “Why are you, as a Latina, still part of the Republican Party?”

But, Navarro had her answer ready to go.

“As a Latina, I think the worst thing that can happen to a minority group is to have one party take you for granted, and think you’re going to vote for them because they have no other option, and to have another party that openly attacks and antagonizes you,” Navarro replied. “And it wasn’t too long ago. It wasn’t Jurassic Park. It wasn’t dinosaurs roaming the earth when there were people like George W. Bush, who came out and openly and publicly supported the Latino community, and were able to get 44% of the vote.”

She added, “So I hope that one day, there are two healthy parties competing for our vote and earning our support. Not taking one for granted.”

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